Experience Made the Difference
Derrik was the first person from Cascade Drilling LP to reach out to me regarding the potential acquisition of ZEBRA Environmental Corp. (ZEC). Over the years, as the sole owner of ZEC I had been contacted numerous times by all sorts of investors and private equity groups. On the rare occasion when I actually started a dialog with a potential suitor, it quickly became apparent that they knew little if anything about my business.
With Derrik it was different. Due to his experience in the industry he recognized the synergistic benefit of Cascade Drilling acquiring ZEBRA. He recognized that ZEC would bring a needed skill set (direct sensing systems for HRSC and remediation injection capabilities) as well as an east coast geographic footprint. He also recognized that after 22 years of being a sole proprietor, I/ZEC was ready to be acquired.
Derrik was instrumental in articulating the benefits ZEC would bring to Cascade Drilling, especially on the east coast. In addition to a loyal client base and a strong presence throughout the eastern United States, ZEC brought direct sensing systems for site characterization and injection experience for remediation.
While others in Cascade finished the due diligence and rather lengthy acquisition process, Derrik got it started by bringing ZEBRA & Cascade together in the first place.

— Paul Fleischmann
founder & former owner, Zebra Environmental Corp.

Integrating Business and Personal Goals
Derrik Sandberg has been working with my company for over a year now as an executive business consultant / adviser. He has been instrumental in evaluating my business from a financial perspective and is helping me prepare it for a potential buy-out. I really like his business consulting approach and expertise, particularly in how he has integrated my business and personal goals to help me make the best decisions for my family. I would strongly recommend Sandberg Consultants to any business that is considering selling or growing their business or that just needs help maximizing their financial strength in the marketplace.

— Nate Seward, PE, CIH
owner, Criterion Environmental, Inc.
Environmental Consulting & Testing

We Felt He Was Providing a Win-Win
My partner & I had a great experience when Derrik purchased our firm. He was fair and reasonable in his negotiations with us and we felt that he was trying to provide a win-win for both parties. His years of experience working as an owner / operator in the drilling business provided him first-hand knowledge of the various financial, operational, and marketing aspects of our business. The purchase allowed my partner & I the freedom to continue pursuing our dreams of advancing technology while getting support with day to day tasks. I would recommend Derrik to assist in any purchase or sale of a business.

— Phil McKay,
former co-owner, R&D Strategies