Sale of a Business

Owners and partners may come to a stage in development and decision-making, often after years of building a business, where selling to another entity is a sensible course of action. The reasons can vary from a desire to transition out of the business, to need for capital, to the intention of one or several partners to sell their share to the others. Sandberg Consultants has experience in all these areas and can assist as firms navigate the challenges of transition.

For companies needing a valuation assessment due to a partner exiting, or in order to maximize the value of the firm for a potential acquisition, Sandberg Consultants provides expert guidance in this part of the process.

The time required to sell a business generally ranges from six to twelve months, though it may be more or less depending upon the complexity of the sale and the desire of the buyer and seller to come to agreement. Typically, a seller will stay with the new entity for two to four years during the transition. The process can be involved and demanding. Our approach begins, in every case, with the recommendation that planning for a sale should begin early, to ensure a smooth transition with few surprises.