Derrik Sandberg

Derrik M. Sandberg has been a technical, operations, management, and financial business professional for thirty years, with extensive industry experience in geophysics and environmental technologies. He has been a founder and partner of several businesses, managing the purchase and sale of companies in the course of their evolution.

After earning a B.Sc. in Geophysical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines, Derrik began his career as a geophysicist in Colombia, South America, where he managed oil- and gas-exploration seismic crews, supervising over 200 personnel, and was required to negotiate between the government and local FARC guerillas, communicating in Spanish. On return to the U.S., he attended the American Graduate School of International Business (Thunderbird School) in Glendale, Arizona, receiving a Master of International Management, and entered the environmental business with NORCAL Geophysical Consultants, a small firm whose growth he helped to advance both as a geophysics technical expert and as Marketing Manager. He went on from NORCAL to work as a financial analyst for a boutique investment-banking firm in San Francisco, then returned to the environmental sector, becoming Partner and President with Precision Sampling, Inc., a drilling company whose eventual sale to a Canadian firm he would oversee.

Derrik founded ResonantSonic International Drilling (RSI) in 2001, following the sale of Precision Sampling. A successful venture, RSI grew to become a fifty-person firm through organic development and through a key acquisition that allowed it to expand operations in the southeastern U.S. As company president, Derrik had responsibility for all financial, management, and operational activities. In 2011, he negotiated the sale of RSI to Cascade Drilling, that firm’s first purchase, and joined Cascade as Vice President of Strategy. The position would entail review of a number of acquisition targets and involve him in several purchases; Cascade more than tripled in size, expanding from $30M to over $100M, in this period.

In his current role as head of Sandberg Consultants, Derrik builds on this extensive background, assisting small- to medium-sized environmental, geotechnical and mining companies making a transition to a new level in business through sale (exit strategy) or through growth by acquisition of other firms.

Derrik lives with his wife and two daughters in beautiful Lake Tahoe, Nevada.