About Our Firm

Sandberg Consultants’ inspiration is in the challenges many small- to medium-sized firms meet in the opportunity to take their company to the next level. For some, that move up takes the form of sale of the business to an entity that has the resources to grow the business. For others it may involve structuring a “low-impact” acquisition.

The “low-impact” approach has allowed many business owners to acquire another firm at lower risk (i.e., less up-front cash) than would be entailed in an outright purchase. There are a number of creative ways to purchase another firm, working closely with sellers to provide an attractive exit strategy and maximize the value of the combined properties.

Having orchestrated many company sells, Sandberg Consultants understands the intricacies involved in structuring a sale. We evaluate the services, products, operations, management, and financials, and we assist in organizing the company to show its true value to prospective buyers. Sandberg Consultants provides a realistic valuation range for a company discussing the various options for structuring a sale to its employees, to a like-type company (competitor), or to a private equity group, among other possible avenues.

Sandberg Consultants is the right choice for guidance in buy- or sell-side business transactions, ensuring thorough review and understanding of your firm’s goals and an effective approach to issues that arise in an acquisition or sale, to arrive at the win-win both parties hope to achieve.