Our Services

Sandberg Consultants works in a number of ways with firms undertaking a business transition, as transition can mean a number of things.

At one end of the spectrum of possibilities, a firm might be planning for growth via acquisition or regional expansion. A firm might also pursue strategic development based on internal efficiencies, without adding new business. On the other end of the spectrum, a firm may be looking toward an opportunity to sell to an entity that has the resources to expand the business.

We are ready to assist a company with general business consulting needs, as well, or with a need to assess varied options for moving business to another level without a prior determination to acquire, merge, or be acquired.

In every case, Sandberg Consultants works with you to define and carry out a process, beginning with a thorough review of company financials to ensure that they are organized to meet the demands of transition. We have the skills and experience to provide guidance through every stage of the process.

And, crucially, with the experience we have the patience to listen, first, before moving with you to planning and execution.

A First-Hand Understanding of Technology

Sandberg Consultants has hands-on field experience at thousands of contaminated sites from coast to coast. This technical and practical expertise enables us to consider in detail your engineering, laboratory, remedial amendment, or environmental consulting operations.

We understand the complexities of subsurface conditions, and we know what’s involved in deployment of remote sensing tools and the array of drilling technologies in soil, vapor, and groundwater sampling for site investigations, well installations, and geotechnical data collection. Provided with geophysical surveys and historical subsurface soil data, Sandberg Consultants can recommend the drill rig and tooling protocol to complete objectives from data collection to well installation and remedial chemical injection.

We’ll identify the key elements in your business, and we’ll help you to apply the common sense and creative thinking that reduce inefficiencies and increase profits.