Acquisition of a Business

Causes for purchasing or merging with another firm vary widely. Expanding existing business, countering competition in a given market, and evolving through addition of complementary services are common motivations, though others might easily be listed. In all these scenarios, a purchase or merger can be one of the most positively energizing and challenging phases of a company’s business cycle.

Sandberg Consultants provides creative solutions to make acquisitions happen. For the small firm, where there may be doubts about the financial feasibility of an option to acquire, “low-impact” acquisition can be the solution. Low-impact acquisitions mean reduced risk for a buyer, and they offer a seller structure for exiting a business with confidence through a pre-determined time-frame.

Sandberg Consultants may also be engaged as a third, independent firm to guide two firms in their negotiation to a satisfactory acquisition or merger. Our principal service as a participant will be to ensure an equitable distribution of risk and reward between firms, so that coming together as one entity is realized as a win for both parties.